Space is the one that is the most important element we can find in every home, it’s the constant challenge for every architect, every interior designer and every decorator. Because of this fact, they have to be creative and try to take advantage of every bit of space they have but most of all use it wisely. Because of this, every room divider is both functional and fun and you can see that in this beautiful room divider designed by Jackson Clements Burrows.

This amazing piece of furniture is both decorative and practical. It can be used as a room divider, as a space-saver for huge hallways or as a storage space anywhere you need it. You can use this amazing piece of furniture as a storage compartment for large showboxes or as a bookcase or storage room for all your books.

It features casted acrylic rays that are laser cut and carefully laid along so as to form a diamond pattern, hence the name. Not only that this amazing piece of furniture is very eye-catching and impressively beautiful, but it also comes with a very versatile design that allows you to use it both as a storage space and a decor element. Thus you can create a subtle yet elegant design that will fit perfectly any room.

Room Divider Aquarium By Jackson Clements Burrows Photo 3

The dimensions of this amazing piece are 5? 10.5? x 5? 3.5?. It offers a great combination of functionality and style. It is a wonderful decorative and also useful storage space that will definitely overcome any tendency that people tend to have and that, combined with a simple and clever design, can make it perfect home.