When you are a book lover, books seem the more important element in your house. To make sure that you keep them close, the interior décor of your house should be appropriate when you have a large book collection.The Fabio Fantolino Bed with bookshelf is perfect for those who need privacy, but also like to have many books, so they like to have them in different volumes.

This piece of furniture is in fact a huge bookshelf that is actually two bookshelves side by side that are facing each other. You can have a very peaceful and quiet place where you can read a good book or else you can chase the children inside and destroy all their ideas. The bookshelf is made of heavy solid wood and it is a real masterpiece.

Bed With Bookshelf By Fabio Fantolino Photo 3

You can use this piece of furniture for extra seats, for your bookcase or other places that you would like to transform and you can now purchase it from the IKEA web site for $69.