Have you ever felt the need to hide in the living room and read a good book or even have the desire to travel to some faraway place? Now it’s easier to do that thanks to the Instant Bookcase designed by Santoara Italia. It may look like a couch, but it’s actually a big storage unit which can transform into a bed.

The design allows you to store books, magazines, CDs, DVDs or other items that you might need or want to find in the living room. I find this piece of furniture very useful and functional. It helps you keep your home clean and organized, organized and free of clutter. Perfect for small spaces, this piece can also be great for garages, nurseries or even living rooms. You can even put it in the kitchen where it’s easier to find the ingredients you need.

It’s a very compact piece that can be easily fit in the tiny space you have in your home. It’s also very functional and easy to use. You can just push it into the corner and this will instantly solve your problem. It’s a great piece to have in the house or even in the office. It’s very versatile and it has a simple and clean design.