Autumn is the season of pumpkins and pumpkin lovers. It’s when this wonderful symbol of autumn permeates our home, bringing a fresh vibe to every space we touch. And once we’ve decorated pumpkins and created the image of sobriety, we start to wonder if we should be doing all we can to bring in the good kind of autumn.

So how about we start with the pumpkin? Autumn is not the time to go crazy and make pumpkin spice candles and orange pumpkin decorations and stuffed pumpkins. Instead, we should be focusing on creating stylish fall table decor. Explore the many creative ways in which you can decorate pumpkins.

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Fall Photo 2

A stylish arrangement of three pumpkins and a bunch of candles is an interesting choice for Thanksgiving. You can see how the centerpiece would look like with a little bit of creativity. If you want to create a similar image, use 5 spray painted tapers, some string, jute twine and a candle.{found on site}.

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Fall Photo 3

Pinecone centerpieces.

If you want something rustic and also a little bit sophisticated, maybe you’d like to use a pinecone. Cut it into an oval shape and carve out a hole at its bottom. Then cover it with a piece of wood and put a candle inside. That’s a pretty simple project.{found on site}.

Leather base.

For the fall table, you could gather a few wooden spoons, maybe some kitchen utensils or other items that could be made of wood and that would fit inside. Use brown fibers to give the spoons a uniform look. They’ll help keep the scent alive and they can also add texture to your decorations.{found on theproperpinwheel}.

Pipe work.

Feel free to also come up with other ideas for DIY projects. For example, you could make a votive holder. All you need is a bunch of cotton balls. Blow up the ones with Vaseline and mix the colors. Then arrange them in a bunch and mix them. Sprinkle them on your votive stick table.{found on theproperpinwheel}.


To make this rustic centerpiece you’ll first have to find a log. Then pick a spot in which to keep the ashes. Insert the ashes in the canisters using wire.{found on thehoneycombhome}.

Oil scroll.

To make this leaf centerpiece you’ll need a glass cylinder. Fill it with wine corks on which to display the leaves. Then put the glass inside the cylinder. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, insert the removable tag.{found on simplymodernmom}.

Grapevine wreath.

If you want to make a wreath similar to the one in the picture, you’ll need an embroidery hoop, cotton fabric, a wire wreath form, a floral loop, burlap ribbon and a burlap grave. Cut the cotton fabric in small squares and wrap them around the hoop. Then add the burlap to the hoop and add the flowers on the back of the wreath.{found on cutesycrafts}.


To make these vintage pinwheels you need cheesecloth, decorative ribbons, twine and scissors. Cut thin strips of cheesecloth and tie them around the wreath. Then unscrew the wreath and repeat the process. Scrape the edges with a clean, dry cloth. At the end, clean the cheesecloth again and scrape it surface down. Repeat until you get the desired look.{found on hwtm}.


For this centerpiece you’ll need a grapevine wreath, a picture frame mount, a hot glue gun, a wire hanger, twine, floral sticks, a crock, floral sticks, a vine bouquet, a hot glue gun, scissors and a paint brush. First unscrew the picture frame mount and lay out the base elements. Glue the two pieces together with the hot glue gun. Then unscrew the flap and lay out the base shape, sticking the vines in. Then spray paint the wreath and attach the picture frame.{found on hwtm}.