It’s very important to make it feel like home. Sometimes you can do that by using colors, textures and accessories. The interior garden is one of the most beautiful features because it brings together everything that’s inside that particular room. It’s like a mini-home. These minimalist pieces work especially well in small areas. The rooms usually just have smaller gardens so the interior décor doesn’t feel overcrowded and the colors should be simple and bright.

This beautiful greenhouse was designed by hu miami and it’s a wonderful space-saver. It lets you enjoy your plants even from the street, behind the house, without disturbing the others. The greenhouse is also a great way to get rid of all the nasty indoor plants that made your balcony a constant source of dirt and water. The greenhouse features a solid wood construction and it’s also made of cedar wood, giving it an elegant look.

The interior garden is also very simple. It features pebbles and gravel gardens that can be easily moved from one place to another. There’s also a metal pathway that has been painted with chalkboard spray paint. The whole greenhouse is made from solid cedar wood and it’s handcrafted so each one will look unique.