Having a lot of books in the house is not nice. So a bookcase would just be a reminder of the owners’ passion and interesting items that they want to incorporate in their home. A small bookcase might just be all your need. You can have a few books here, a few special objects and sometimes a magazine or book.

This is the small bookcase that fits in any kind of décor and that also doubles as a small gallery. It could be in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom. It’s small but it has lots of storage compartments of different shapes and sizes and it’s always there when you need it. Its name is Auto, this being the name of the bookcase. It looks just like an automaton. It has 5 shelves and 3 small compartments for small books and other items. You can have fun adding your own books if you don’t want it to be toolined.

Small Bookends That Fit Everywhere Photo 2

This clever little bookcase, if you need a small one, has some panels and a small shelf, both sliding and mounted on the wall. You can use this as a smart storage system for hallways, kitchens, offices or even bedrooms. Share with others, and if you have a lot of books you can create a large collection and make a small home office. It’s all about memorizing what you have and displaying them in your home. The small bookcase, the one with the shelves mounted on the wall, the one with the sliding system, the one with the hidden storage compartments, etc.{pictures from bhg}.