Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Home Library Furniture By TG-STUDIO

A home library is defined as a room or building which has direct access to a window or other opening onto a hallway. It can also be designated as a reading/lounging room. So, depending on your personal needs and preferences, […]

Big Bookcase Made Of Wood And Metal

I know that most people prefer having a simple and clean room where they can relax and forget about all the problems. But sometimes you are forced to improvise something and try to decorate your home in a strange and […]

Boxed Wall Shelves By Daisuke Akita

Recently introduced by Daisuke Akita, Japan, boxed wall shelves will become a standard in every home. Made by extremely simple but very versatile wall shelf design, boxes are most suitable for those who need storage area for small things. Perfect […]

Santa Claus Craft Table

In another article we’ve presented the Sauna claus, a very interesting table that would fit any home. Today we’re going to take a look at the Santa Claus craft table. It’s a rectangular table with a modern design and a […]

Home Office Shelves By Gplusx

Everybody loves a good space for books, magazines, movies, and so on. But most of the times there’s not a lot of space for all of them and this is a problem, especially when you’re working in an office. The […]

Modern Bookshelves By Loop Design

Bookshelves are one of the most common items used in any home. With so many shelves to store your books, spaces like the living room or the bedroom are considered less important. This is mostly because they are great both […]

Small Shelving Unit

Today we’re going to take a look at a very simple and useful piece of furniture that has a storage shelf element for displaying books. It’s a small shelving unit or bookcase. It’s actually more than just a bookcase. It’s […]

Long Corner Shelves By Nichiz Expo

From one to three-person work are very appreciated. Although you may think that you cannot use it properly because of the space available in the house, the most efficient way to use the space for work is to form long […]