Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bars In Kitchen By Darren James

Australian designer Darren James created this contemporary kitchen for a client living in Wellington Point, Australia. As its name would imply, the project is split into two, one for the owner’s private use and one for the guests. Bars in […]

Master Bedroom Fireplace Design

One of the most difficult things to do is decorate the master bedroom. The bedroom needs to be that particular space where you want to be, where you want to relax and where you want solitude. You of us all […]

Arrow Decor Reminder

Not all of us decorate the house according to the ‘look’ that comes from the dominant culture. Some people respect those conventions and make their houses unique and remarkable, but most of the homes produced by the manufacturers are umbilized […]

Striped Bedroom Walls With Glass Doors

The bedroom plays of the openings received in order to connect the interior with the exterior. The result will be a special ambient full of dynamism and life. Bright and simple colors will be alternated, the natural wood for example, […]