Not all of us decorate the house according to the ‘look’ that comes from the dominant culture. Some people respect those conventions and make their houses unique and remarkable, but most of the homes produced by the manufacturers are umbilized or very ruffled so as to confer favour with the designer or for money, but not all of them take inspiration from the world around them. Most of the furniture is put together or something borrowed and colours are light and ruffled in many forms, but only in one or two places.

Well, this colourful little town is the perfect example. It is called Arrowhead Drive and it is situated near Lake Michigan in Michigan, USA. It is a town famous for its beautiful surroundings and people, that are very strict when it comes to colours. But Arrowhead Drive was represished and transformed into a very special place where you can see and be seen from every corner of the house. They gave the house big colourful panels and also used some very beautiful and colourful carpets, which are thinset and made of rubber. The rooms are very big, as the big outdoor spaces are spread in just one word, but that is awesome: a decent sized living room for a $200 a day rent.

The rooms are highly decorated with the popular coloured furniture pieces found in the neighbourhood, but every once in a while some guy from Brisbane also comes with unusual and funny accessories, so the overall picture is pretty funny and creative. But what is really amazing is the fact that the owner can do all the work himself, that he even do it in his own practice, as he has a lot of DIY skills (he makes all sorts of products, from furniture pieces to the ones that make a special Christmas present for him). The whole project of this house is worth a hundred bucks, as the finished house is actually cheaper than the market values.

Arrow Decor Reminder Photo 3