Australian designer Darren James created this contemporary kitchen for a client living in Wellington Point, Australia.

As its name would imply, the project is split into two, one for the owner’s private use and one for the guests.

Bars In Kitchen By Darren James Photo 2

Bars in kitchen by Darren James:

Bars In Kitchen By Darren James Photo 3

“The design of the kitchen in the residential/residential development is responsive to the aspirations of the client and reflects the specific personality of the host. Overlooking the Waitamata Harbour to the West, the home opens out to the street with its ‘over to the door’ greeting area. This greeting space provides the convenience of a screen of doors when required, although the original front door is retained to ensure the maximum separation from the exterior.

Blurring the line between inside and out, the original visionaries created a kitchen which is then presented to the space & inhabitants, incorporating the exterior & interior spaces in a fluid transition. Natural oaks & live-edge maple floors are used throughout the home, which allows the kitchen to immerse itself in the dynamic outdoor space.

A screened porch was developed as a mainstay to the home, with a transition space to the outdoor living space and a lap pool/bar area. The completion of the screen and braces completes this entry point allowing the home to marry the two spaces and provide a secondary entertainment / cool place to be in the house. Live edge tables and an updated fireplace wereused for the living room sofa, whilst the original full-height windows have been reformatted to allow easy southern access and a better relationship with the outdoor spaces.”

Photos by: Michael Evans