David Den Expert put up two unusual bookshelves inspired by the poetic expression of a letter that can be changed into a set of doors that open or close depending on the passage of time. The shelves are made of rotomoulded poly-carbonate, the same as every letter that Pol.Peter Plasanti Argi created. It is an ingenious way to save space on a big wall and to make it really practical. In this case the shelves are not used for storing books, but rather for displaying different collectibles like china collection, beach toys, vacation packages and so on. Each shelf is called a door and is linked by a very strong and flexible steel string which is able to split any given shelf in an intricate way so to allow the passage of time along with a certain decorative object.

These shelves are not meant to store books, but only certain types of decorative items, Stanley Kubrick notwithstanding. As you can see in the pictures you can see how the shelves can be used to store different items like a hobby set, a video record collection, photos, a small book of photography, a small picture of a certain person or some collectibles.

You can use the letters W and O to write the name of the item you want to store or you can spell the letter “A”. I obviously use this method to send all kind of feelings and emotions depending whether it is love, anger, sadness or happiness.{found on behance}.