When you have a baby you have to be careful whether you want a nice crib or a U bed. The baby girl’s room has to be both cute and stylish. It also has to be comfortable and cute. In order to make it all special and cute the décor needs to be bright and colorful. It also needs to be a space where the parents can comfortably rest on the side table after dark, on the sofa or on the bed.

This is why I chose to include into the design Bonjour. It is a very cute Bonjour nursery mattress that is itself also a convertible piece. Bonjour is a great name that describes everything that happens to baby girls after she gets older. The item is a combination of a Bonjour bed and a Bonjour crib mattress. The advantage of purchasing a Bonjour bed is that you can use it only with your baby girl. It’s like having two pieces in one.

Bonjour is a new collaborative idea from Tierra that focuses on offering children the ideal environment to grow up and become more creative. The beds are crafted in sustainably-harvested rosewood that is then woven together in a collaboration of craftsmen that will surely make your child feel unique.

Baby Girls Beds With Mirrors Photo 3

Bonjour offers you the perfect opportunity to give a new look to your little one’s room and to make it more functional and practical. The beds are crafted in the USA and look nothing like the traditional beds that kids used to have.The dimensions vary and the Bonjour collection includes a 3’’ crib, 2.5’’ bunk bed, 3’’ bed with 3.5’’ side table and a 7’’ crib. The beds are made in the USA and they are guaranteed to be delivered in 5 to 12 business days.Available for $3,249.