Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Office Kitchen Ideas From Team 7

The kitchen is the heart of the house and it’s where you cook all your guests, where you greet them with the food and where you enjoy cooking. The kitchen should be as inviting and beautiful as possible, but at […]

Fireplace In Bedroom By Jeff Jordan

You may think that bedrooms and bathrooms are not as important as the living room or the kitchen, but that’s only because they often don’t have much in common. A very good example in this case would be the fireplace. […]

Mirrored Pocket Door Wood Cladding

This business has been practically installed by the owners for over 10 years. They first wanted a discreet entrance, but with a great view. The most important feature is the mirrored pocket door. The pocket door leads into the double […]

Open Kitchen Island With Fireplace

Open kitchens have a certain unique charm. They feel secure, cozy and inviting, just like regular kitchens. The great thing about them is that you can usually see all the ingredients and the utensils and they also feel private and […]

Doorway Ideas To Enhance Your Home

Before you get too excited about decorating the front yard and hand-tied to the house by romantic lighting or outdoor entertainment, have you thought about thinking about the rest of the house? If you have a well-designed home with a […]