Open kitchens have a certain unique charm. They feel secure, cozy and inviting, just like regular kitchens. The great thing about them is that you can usually see all the ingredients and the utensils and they also feel private and comfortable. It’s a design to be especially suitable for large spaces or open floor plans. This way it’s easier to design a large kitchen while also avoiding a cramped feel.

This kitchen island has a very stylish design. It’s simple and it has a classical feel. The only detail here that’s visible from the front door is the natural edge. It means that the design is irregular and differs from the rest of the pieces from this collection. The island measures 65’’ from the door to the wall. It’s an interesting design, intriguing and classical.

The Marimekko Kitchen Island features an edgy and industrial look that still has that cozy simplicity that reminds us of grandma’s kitchen. It has a natural grain ash wood top and bottom and the grain ebony highlights this simplicity in a very beautiful way. This specific type of wood is usually replicated in furniture. The island also features nickel-plated hardware and a lift-open drawer. It’s a very functional piece of furniture, perfect for the kitchen.

Open Kitchen Island With Fireplace Photo 3

The Gravity kitchen island also has a very simple design. It features a massive marble block on the side that is also the visible edge of the countertop. It’s a very elegant and stylish design and the marble portion goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Open Kitchen Island With Fireplace Photo 4

This is a very beautiful kitchen island. It has an excellent storage system. The cabinet doors that are uncovered allow storage under the counter and the space above the counter and the island top allows storage under the wall.

The Togo kitchen features a simple and modern design with a very elegant finish. It has an open storage system and a very nice worktop with elegant drawers that perfectly fit in.

This island also has a great storage system. The drawers are cut into the wood and they have fine wood pins on them that make them easier to install, not to mention that they look beautiful. Moreover, the island also features a very functional and practical top with two shelves, perfect for storing different items.

The Last Kitchen Island on the list is also a very elegant piece. It has an intriguing design and it’s not that difficult to install. It features a rustic country look, plenty of storage space and a top that allows you to use a work surface. The only tricky part would be to find a suitable kitchen island design that has room for a cabinet.