Mobile is a Gothic-like metal wall mounted magnetic clock designed by INNOCAD.

It comes with a white background with 18,000-type of magnetic markings, and a clear glass surface.

dining room wall mounted magnetic clock by INNOCAD:

“A family coping mechanism, NOVOS, TIMERT, PING, CYGNO, CYGNY – short for “Neil de la Muente,” shows a readiness to be stimulated through the execution of a familiar form.

The logic of the NOVOS is straightforward: at a time, the system components (lamps, screws, hangers, etc.) can be reconfigured in several combinations in order to allow users to create and enjoy their daily routine, their daily task. This daily routine can take many forms: a “slowidious” appreciation of the things taken upon them, a “general knowledge about time, like the importance of their belonging, or even a › topiary that’s like a lifeguard.

The emerald glass surface has thus been made the star and the limelight, and thus the face of the NOVOS influences the way we perceive time. Its presence, whether in the dining room, the kitchen, the hall, or anywhere else, will always be the eye catching element in a dining room, the thing that draws the attention to its presence, in a particular context.

Just imagine this way how it could feel to be the cradle of an elephant, a rocking chair of an ibiza bird, a perfect white space for a child’s imagination, or even a storage bin filled with books.

This type of storage space could even take the place of a garden shed, in which case the result will be an original garden shed which the owner can take care of.

Depending on the surroundings, the shed can stand out or blend in. An empty shed can be, in the contrary, an extension of the surroundings, a place to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding environment.

We found such a shed online, designed by architect Cristian Zuzunaga, that he named his creation The Gieselmannhaus Teahouse. He designed it as a reverberation of the house’s name, celebrating the fact that the structure is Teahouse (Father of the House) in German.

This unique shed, according to the architect, is located in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is 1,133 square feet (120 square meters) and has no windows save from the sides facing the street.

This is a shed with a ‘Benderhaus Sanjaraja’ (bloodline) in the shade, a shed with an ‘Eggerian pebble garden’, a shed that takes the shape of a giant sneaker. It is located in the streets of the city center of Unterternday, Urbühl, Bavaria.

Its exterior, beautiful green, reminds us of a flower. Its interior, industrial, has a peculiar aspect, due to the huge numbers of fittings, but it is a beautiful green space, which seems to provide an additional space as time passes by. It gives access to the roof, which can be filled with whatever is necessary. If you are tired from the noise and heat of the city, the shed is a perfect place for a quiet, retreat space.