Sweden is still reeling from the economic crisis and with inflation beginning to hit a high, the Swedish kitchens have become a trend in the global home décor world. One of the best examples of this is the kitchen from Corian that features a funky and functional interior design.[Video via NikoYasunabe]

I can see this kitchen in a country house with a low budget where the budget does not concern the décor. Also I see a great improvement and even a creation of a comfortable kitchen, such as this one. If you cannot afford to buy an expensive kitchen, why not make your own one in a cheap style with a simple material like Corian that you can easily make yourself? As you can see the material used is a bit unconventional, but this is exactly the point.

Sweden Kitchens With Funky Design Features Photo 2

If you make a similar kitchen you will see that it is not difficult to make it yourself, but you will need some special tools like a drill and a hammer.

Sweden Kitchens With Funky Design Features Photo 3