This business has been practically installed by the owners for over 10 years. They first wanted a discreet entrance, but with a great view.

The most important feature is the mirrored pocket door. The pocket door leads into the double height, which offers a panoramic view on the surrounding landscape. At night, the pocket door leads into an opaque outdoor garden, flooded by light from the pools, of which the pocket door clings to.

The owner, a well-known photographer, commissioned this amazing project where lighting, one of the most important aspects. So the project started with researching ways of cooking the outside space, during the night, we decided the best place was high above the kitchen and the photo outdoor view.

Mirrored Pocket Door Wood Cladding Photo 3

The biggest challenge was to install all the pieces required within a relatively small budget. The budget was a factor in the project’s success. The solution we found was to install a double height, double-height kitchen, with a large patio which connects the kitchen with the living and dining area, and several other spaces, various directions including side, deck, balcony, woodwell and second floor.

The indoor staircase and the patio give access to a second patio, with a fireplace and lounge area. In the daytime, the center of the patio functions as a vertical natural lighting source.

The swimming pool was originally planned as a size of 6 × 13 feet, but has been adjusted to fit in the proportion of the house and to integrate in the composition. The span of the patio that connects to the living spaces is 4.5 meters (14.6 foot) beyond the exposed ceiling of the living areas, connecting to the outside through a large piece of glass that opens entirely to the back façade. The stone wall surrounding the swimming pool was constructed from exposed beams, while the back façade clearly references traditional Chinese construction techniques.

As the renovation progressed, the spaces were smarter and were organized in a more efficient way, separating public and private areas so that they could take advantage of the amazing views.