This basement area has been recently remodeled. As part of the renovation, the team from Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses engaged design and architectural professionals to take on the challenge of remodeling the basement and adding a few modern features.

Located in the Lower Mill Conservation Area in the city of Newcastle, the area is home to a series of Victorian-style buildings from the 60’s and 70’s that have undergone extensive renovation. One of these structures is the Earl of Airlie’s private residence, which was bought by the current owners in 2012.

The basement of the existing structure was expanded slightly and a new third basement was built, which allowed the previously mentioned building to be fully adapted and transformed. Designers had the forethought to include traditional regional materials in their new project, such as shoalshells, lacquered oak and iroko timber, which are all found throughout the area.

Basement Makeover With Modern Features Photo 3

Besides gorgeous timber decor, the basement was updated with a multitude of modern amenities that it lacked, like a sauna, including a steam room and tailor-made gym and spa room, due to the close proximity of the area to the beach. Finally, a new basement vent was designed into the existing brick basin, allowing the area to now be used for a laundry room.

Basement Makeover With Modern Features Photo 5

Photos by Peter Bennetts