Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Unique Girl Beds By Incruit

Kids are never bored. If they do not know how to relax and enjoy their beauty and also the necessary illusions they will become full grown men unwilling to live in such a home. The key is to offer them […]

Empty Picture Frame

Here’s an interesting idea for adding some color to your picture frames. If you just simply place the picture frames in front of the photos and put them in front of the window, this will give the frames a bad […]

Small Home Office By Michael Parks

Writer and producer Michael Parks came up with this small but simple and very inspiring small home office for his clients, himself and his wife. It’s a small place in West Vancouver, British Columbia with a very calm and relaxing […]

Stripe Room Dividers By K-studio

In the creative world of architecture and interior design, each client has his own style. When Gregory Tam nom project started, the planter became a defining element for the Ninety 20 design era. A revolutionary way to delineate space, the […]

Basement Makeover With Modern Features

This basement area has been recently remodeled. As part of the renovation, the team from Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses engaged design and architectural professionals to take on the challenge of remodeling the basement and adding a few modern features. Located […]

Dinosaur Kids Room Design

When we talking about kids rooms we all have in common the fact that they need space for activities, for play and not to forget about the health and safety of our kids. So, at the beginning, when we started […]