A sleek, contemporary copper bath tub will make a cool statement in your bathroom, ideally for a sculptural look. Cuero is a new bathtub design from Villeroy & Boch. A flat, sculptural bath tub, Cuero’s rounded edges lend an open, airy feel to the bath… but in a copper…. As a panoramic copper picture frame, Cuero is the perfect picture frame. “Inspired by the delicate play of waves and the resultant croissant forms, Cuero’s elegant white porcelain lamp is a versatile and unobtrusive lighting option… it can be reserved for private use only, or can be entered as a fully operational lighting block.” With its modern, no-nonsense style, Cuero is the epitome of simplicity.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of soaking in a tub with warm water and a shiny metal gadget will immediately fall in love with Cuero.

Villeroy & Boch

Copper Bath Tub By Villeroy & Boch – New Cuero Photo 3

Copper Bath Tub By Villeroy & Boch – New Cuero Photo 4