Chubby as you like it or not, you are bound to see a lot of home offices in summer. It’s the season when we start spending more time indoors, when we spend less time on the balcony and less time in the kitchen. The cottage style décor seems to be here to stay, just in a different, fresh way. Today we’re going to focus on an area of the house that is called the living room and we’re going to explore the versatility of this space.

1. The cottage style.

Chabby Chic Home Decorating Style Interior Photo 2

Even though it can also be considered a cottage, a cottage is very different from the ones we are used with. One of the first things you notice when entering this room is the color palette. It’s very easy to think of colors you can use for the room. Since it’s starting to get heavy and dark after the summer, it would be best to keep it simple, with neutral colors. It’s not the kind of room you can easily keep indoors.

2. The Scandinavian look.

A very obvious choice would be the Scandinavian style. This is a style that regards quality, efficiency and it’s based on very few colors. The colors tend to be simple and usually neutrals, with some bright color added. In this case, the wood furniture pieces and the lack of heavy and dark colors is a plus. The room will always be fresh and airy.

Chabby Chic Home Decorating Style Interior Photo 5

3. The black and white combination.

This is a combination that has been around for several centuries. It occurs in most cultures and it has been used to create a fashionable look. The two color palettes are basically very similar and you can successfully mix them to create a Scandinavian décor. It’s easy to notice that this style is not nearly plain and boring.

4. The modern style.

In this case, the combination of the black and white is very bold and unpolished and it thus allows the room to feel open and airy. The accent features are minimal and they can be easily seen. For example, the accent chair features a thin black band and the floor has a dark brown stain. It’s a very nice match.

5. The black and white combination.

In this case the balance between the two colors is not as striking as in the case of the black and white combination but this only makes the room feel more radical. The overall look is extremely simple and the bedroom is a nice example of a sort of Scandinavian-inspired decor.