If you are one of the lucky ones and have a residence with a cool view over the lake then you might feel like you are subject to all sorts of peculiarities. For starters, the colour of the walls can not be chosen at random. Colour is a reference to the fact that the surroundings – the land, the water and the trees are different every time. For example, the north facing window is totally blue while the east and west are naturally dark blue.

This is how the first colour walls differentiate the east and west side of the house. The ground floor is dominated by the blue walls while the first floor is only white. In the place where the two colour walls meet, the latter is the only colour on the whole house. It’s a really great plus for the lazy ones that never tire of looking at the reflection of the water of the lake.

The whole floor has white flooring, while the first one is all yellow. In the mid level where the parents’ bedroom is, the first colour on the walls is yellow. It’s a happy image. I also like the little mansard roof, it is placed over the outdoor eating area. A magic work of light and shadow!{found on archdaily and pics by Simon and Edward and found on archdaily}.

Two Coloured Walls Bring Summer In Through Striking Windows Photo 3