The bedroom is the most private room of the house. It’s a space designed to be relaxing, tranquil and calm and its design and furniture are everything else. But sometimes it’s good to have something from the top of the list. This nightstand set from the Furniture for Children collection is perfect for a modern and minimalistic interior décor.It’s part of the Dresden Collection and it’s a very stylish piece of furniture.

It has a very beautiful look and a selection of cool and eye-catching details that make it a great piece for both kids and adults. The collection includes nightstand, dresser and side table versions. They all feature minimalist designs and have a very clean and chic look. The pieces are crafted from sturdy and durable wood and they have a dark brown finish that makes them stand out. They have multiple storage compartments, one for each of the two colors. They all have high gloss lacquer finish and deep drawers with rubber coating that protect the wood.

Unique Night Stands – Collection Of Unique Bedside Tables Photo 2

The set includes an actual bed, with a natural wood frame and a minimalist and stylish design. The bed also includes 5 footed pillows and seat cushions. The collection also includes an armoire with a mirrored front, one cupboard with shelves, one dresser and two mirrors with stylish French doors, a closet, a bathroom mirror and a built-in sink. They come in many color combinations and color tones.

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