It’s summer and it’s when we start thinking about all the relaxing summer outdoor decorations. The backyard is an area decorated with plants and trees, benches, armchairs and loungers. This space is perfect for relaxation but also for entertainment. The choice of furniture is simple and versatile. The Nube chair by C. Ballarino is a lovely choice.

There are also other options. You could use some comfortable benches to create a relaxing seating area. Choose the pieces of furniture carefully. They should be soft and comfortable. The La Luna bench by D. Marì d’ing. A very beautiful and zen piece of furniture. The bench is great for outdoor use.

You can also create a very nice and zen area with flower beds and green plants. Use stone tiles for the patio and replace the old garden chairs with beanbags and ottomans. To create a more relaxing look, use a rug or carpet.

The area under the furniture can be the same type of relaxation space. Create a peaceful corner or simply use it to change the mood.

If you’re feeling tired and need a quick change of scenery, try the gazebo. It’s basically a structure that combines a teepee with a garden. The space is covered with pebbles, and can be used as an extension of your bedroom. Place it near the pool.

The space above the kitchen is another great area for relaxation. It’s the perfect space because you can enjoy breakfast or snack on the sloped bench. If you feel like you need privacy there, use a curtain.