The new geometric bathroom tiles that are coming into the market are not ordinary tiles in a baking oven. They are designed by Italian company Ceramica Globo, and they come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. This is the ideal choice for a bathroom, where you want to have something that will last… and not just turned out of style in the bathroom. The geometric bathroom tiles allow for a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes to be created. Who says bathroom tiles have to be square? Square? Circle? Goldfish? Whatever you want and need, this tile is a good thing. The right size for your bathroom is easy to figure out, and the shapes and colors you can choose are colorful and geometric. The large format tiles you can find in the market are also square, and sometimes have a very faint yellow undertones. Very rarely, you find a red or yellow tile. However, you need to know that there’s a rule that says green and blue can’t be combined and the new color is never blue. So if you think it’s time to make your bathroom green, go for it!

The bathroom is not the only place that can benefit from the geometric bathroom tiles. Bedrooms, living rooms, even kitchens can all get a dose of tile that will transform your space. The bathroom should be a place that is easy to decorate, comfortable and relaxing. Never forget to take a look at the picture above and see if that room looks like it needs more color!

Geometric Bathroom Tiles From Ceramica Globo Photo 2