People say that they would never work without a cushion if it wasn’t comfortable for them to sleep in. You might say that’s nonsense. We all laugh at this thought every once in a while and we would never actually say it’s true. Anyway, speaking of chairs, here’s an idea of how you can add a funny touch to your home’s décor and still be functional.

The designers from minarisign came up with a very interesting idea for a seating design. It’s a seating that looks like a bicycle rimmed on three wheels. The best part is that the spokes are actually slanted in order to create a more comfortable surface for sitting. If you were curious to see how the rest of the chair looked like you can see here. It has an unusual cylindrical shape with spokes in the middle. The spokes are slightly twisted and this allows them to create a more comfortable seat.

You can now purchase this seating unit created by minarisign. The chair is available in black, blue, red and white. It’s a funny piece of furniture and, even though it might not seem like it, once you get it you fall in love with it, not in the least. The seating area is extremely comfortable and cozy. It would very soon be replacing the reading corner in your home.