I am sure you all remember the time when you tried to climb a stool and you got hurt. It was quite humiliating and it was the most humiliating moment when you tried to explain you were just standing there without any help. Of course, in time these stools became decorative items and furniture pieces. The day when everyone had a nice and amusing way to sit is long gone as there were no comfortable chairs, so these loveseats remind us that there “was no room for them”.

People are unique and clever and they are able to do whatever they want to, as they have a creative mind and they are not afraid to be different. So what may not be possible for all of us to have the same loveseats we loved so much until a while ago, now is an interesting thing to see, custom made of plush and hand-crafter pieces of cloth.The artist and designer — Hanna Emelie — thought it would be a good idea to create some unique loveseats of cloth covered by a special fabric which acts as water-based adhesive, which helps the loveseat. This way it can stay wet and it becomes waterproof.For almost $225 and $145 this Ornamenta Cassina can become a beautiful and funny accessory for your home and for an affordable price of $40 you can choose the perfect couch to complete your interior design.