Everyone needs a bit of relaxation from time to time. An escape from the hustle and bustle of the world means a trip to the beach or a few minutes in the yard where all you want to do is soak and forget about everything else. And of course, a spa is an extra amenity that most of us would love to have, but what about a bathroom that is far more relaxing than that?

There is no better time to get ready for the festive season and create a spa-inspired bathroom before the holiday season even starts. This is probably the biggest reason why bath ideas for the bathroom this year are so abundant. From the simple to the ingenious, here is a look at the hottest trends shaping bathrooms across the globe –

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Bathroom Plants and More Indoor Greenery

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There have been many times when we have been too focused on the visual of the bathroom and forget about the practicality in here. A bathroom that is well-lit, is perfect for those lazy afternoons when getting ready for a weekend weekend at home. Even if you have a lovely, well-ventilated bathroom, lighting can make it a much more appealing space. The previous images of minimalist bathrooms showcased earlier can give you a pretty idea of what we are dealing with here. With the bathroom being a personal preference, style choices need to be more specific. Irrespective of style you have to give the bathroom a bath that suits its owners’ lifestyle.

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Greenery in the bathroom has also been all the rage in the last few years, and every trend seems to be embracing this greenery at an understated and elegant level. With that being said, adding an additional layer of plants is the perfect way to complete your bathroom without going overboard visually. It’s all about getting the ‘beans’ mixed up with nature and doing so with a touch of extra panache!

Bathroom Wallpaper a Focal Point

Wallpaper has always been a staple in the bathroom, and it is one of the features that we absolutely love. Wallpaper in the bathroom can be the highlight of your bathroom and also give it a polished, hotel-like appeal. There is something about wallpaper that is the perfect way of finishing off the bathroom and allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house.

If you happen to be someone who loves bathroom design and is crazy about texture, then you can see how easy it is to incorporate honeycomb pattern design in the bathroom as well. The heterogeneity of styles, patterns, colors and designs is here to stay and using hues of honeycomb and T-shaped pattern in the bathroom is just not going out of style at all.

You can even use finer textures in the bathroom that are a bit more subtle than the average bathroom wall color. Do not fret about finding a Beverly Hills chic bathroom where you can just throw in a wallpaper. Instead, give the elegant bathroom a gorgeous treatment by framing it with a beautiful wallpaper. Smaller patterns with subtleties such as zigzag, gradient and pattern can also find space in the modest bathroom.

Image: Horn

One of the few bathrooms that don’t require a lot of visual stimulation, focusing the visual aspects at its finest, helps the body relax. Wallpaper attempts to do exactly that, and it has proven that it does very well in the bathroom. Try and create a wallpaper that has a sheen and color combination that is different from the rest of the bathroom.

Ariadne Terrace by Vincent

Quite often it is pertinent to use decorative pieces in the bathroom to impart a unique and distinct ambience. This is particularly true in case of bathrooms that are already relatively subdued and monochromatic interiors. But adding the striking wallpaper with diversified patterns and designs is a silver-meets-gold combination that is apt for the bathroom.

Image: Faith

It is important to remember that the bathroom is just a small space and the overall feel and feel that you select for it should be ergonomic and comfortable. Few things are more comfortable than a relaxing bath, a soothing shower or a serene sink. This is the convergence of aquariums and natural gourmet cuisine that makes the bathroom one of the most preferred ones.

Image: Ted Somogas

As the bathroom is inherently a utilitarian space, there is no point in trying to compete with the aesthetic beauty of the wading pool or spa that you can achieve by simply trying to match the wallpaper to the décor of the bathroom. A wallpaper that is simple and unassuming can help turn your small bathroom into a dashing space that would be more than grateful to any guest that comes this weekend.