Riofrio+Rodrigo have created the Hanging Lines for Lago Foundation as part of the Casa Decor 2010 held in various cities throughout the Americas.

The line consists of overhead lighting designed to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Hanging Lights Shades By Riofrio+Rodrigo Photo 2

Interested in getting your own personal lighting?

The Hanging Lines for Lago Foundation by Riofrio+Rodrigo:

“The design of this product consists of over 15,000 aluminum slats, 4 different styles of reflective radio-electric junction boxes, 5 different styles of track-mounted lamps, 15 color changing flexible modules, 2 drawers, 2 wall anchors and 2 removable fabric cover.

Everything is made of aluminum with the exception of the formwork that is made of black steel.

Everything else is made of black steel minus the drawings and the window shims.”

Photos by: Ricardo Labougleit