Before you get too excited about decorating the front yard and hand-tied to the house by romantic lighting or outdoor entertainment, have you thought about thinking about the rest of the house? If you have a well-designed home with a good layout, then the door can flow seamlessly from the living room into the kitchen and even into the bedroom. Of course, the first and foremost priority will be the interior of the home, which is why it’s so important to have a nice and welcoming entryway.

How to Create an Entryway that Kept the Attractive Ethnic Vibe of Your Neighboring House

There’s no better place to feel welcomed into your home than the entryway, and good lighting (which also reflects the style of your home) is critical in this regard. They’ll be so well-lit when the sun is low overhead that whether you spend a few minutes in the day or not, you’re at home.

A visual reminder of the outdoors (your welcome) can range in color, style, and contrast, but if you’d like to feel even more welcome, some design cues will feel right at home.

It’s not always a bad idea to incorporate elements of nature into your entryway. If you live in a warm place, it might be worth taking advantage of the sun by creating a small, shaded area just for the mail, bags, and coat.

Also, a nice trick for creating a one-stop shop in the entryway is to design the entryway a little smaller than what your typical entryway might be. This helps to make the space feel homey and welcoming even when it’s just for a single person.

Incorporating a storage solution into the entryway will likely require some off-season storage, but you can likely use it to help you decorate the space AND organize your entryway artifacts. The key is to keep it minimal to the essentials in terms of décor, but to provide ample storage for the necessities IN.