If you’re lucky enough to visit the wonderful and very diverse Catalinese countryside, you’ll probably want to experiment a bit before coming back to your spacious home. It’s probably a lot more difficult to do this in a modern house with a clean and well defined design and definitely less time if you want to decorate a traditional house in a colorful and sophisticated sense. Speaking of which, some of the ideas might be quite inspiring, especially if you’re interested in a more natural, rustic kind of home.

As you can see, we have a bunch of natural, earthy details to include in our home decor projects. We’re painting the walls in fresh green paint and making a lovely entryway table out of wood from an old piece of furniture. We also brought in two beautiful lamps which we plan to match in some more beautiful ways.

The dining room is a room that can easily adapt and have been decorated in a lot of ways using beautiful materials and elegant colors, as well as the natural properties of the materials. For example, this dining room table has a fake stone finish which suits it well and doesn’t really change the look slightly.

A great way to simplify the dining room and to keep it minimalistic is by using a simple table and a series of chic accent details that match the one you chose in terms of hardware, window treatments, wall décor, etc. This dining room table has a live edge top and the red benches look great in combination with the white portion and the way the whole room matches.

In the case of the bedroom we offered as a starting point a beautiful accent wall that has the same color as the furniture (in this case the walls), a mirrored piece of furniture, a chic and stylish chandelier and a cozy corner seat. The wall behind the headboard is entirely white and the two round mirrors framing the bed are orange, adding a bit of contrast to the decor. These are just a few of the ideas you can use to make your home more beautiful and charming.