The color of the walls and of the ceiling, the unevenness of the floors, the reflections of the reflective surfaces, all of these have been reflected by this horizontal wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. Its presence is always a bright plus, no matter its size or design.

This wood paneling is the everyday wallpaper that we see every day. It is nice to see this design, which is both simple and the beautiful rainbow of colors. The random lines of the board wood make the general design of the room stand out in an eclectically beautiful way. The project belongs to TERallowing, an architecture office belonging to creative professionals with a free spirit and innovative skills has developed this wooden mosaic to the highest of standards – the highest quality standards.

The high quality of the woodsmanship is also kept in the service of the project, which can be easily seen in the two detail of the design: the horizontal one and the vertical one. Both horizontal and vertical lines are very clear, in fairness, but the proportions are clearly different (one is larger on the top half, the other one is smaller, the overlap is even).

This project breaks new and unanswered the question of what an ideal and healthy residential environment should be like. A sort of urban habitat where the only things we need are the light, the air, and recycled materials. The project investigates the common sense and maximizes the possibilities of technology.