Bathmark’s bathroom division is no ordinary, featuring a stylish, modern decorative style that is as attractive as it is striking. Now, you can buy a town bath with a sliding decorative panel – the Rio Grande. Designed by French firm Antonio Lupi, the design feels like a high-end spa in the true Michelin-starred comfort of your home. Completely transforming your bath space, the Rio Grande opens the door to opulence, luxury and elegance. The cabinet front is made of rich, dark marble, with elegant silver trim. The Rio Grande is available in a wide range of beautiful, signature hues and finishes, to suit any space and decor.

The Cabinet Back is available in a dark espresso color, with the addition of a white marble top, or a vibrant orangey cream finish for the win bowl and bathtub. The sateen shelf below is available in white marble with a striking mosaic style pattern. The combination of alice and timber is irresistibly beautiful: