This interesting chair was designed by Carlos Rafael. It has a very simple and rudimentary design, with no details or decorations, just a simple chair with an old wood frame placed in a big corner of the room and with no cushions. It might not be comfortable, but it looks very good at your feet. Actually if you take a closer look you will realize that the chair is actually made of scraps of wood and each piece was painted by the artist himself. This will make it unique and it will make it even more attractive.

The chair has an interesting shape, with curved lines and a high back. It seems to be made of some sort of durable metal that supports the whole weight of the chair. If you look carefully you will see that it is actually made from scraps of wood that were applied to the original wooden frame of the chair.The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 28?W x 30?D x 40?T. It is an unusual chair but it is indeed a very functional and interesting piece of furniture that you can consider. You save some space but you also have a unique piece of furniture that will be your home decoration for a long time.Available for 300$.

Diy Corkboard Chair By Carlos Rafael Photo 2