Are you looking for a chair that has a timeless look and that would fit into a variety of decors? Do not look for furniture that is decorated with very colorful and bold patterns and designs. Instead, look for rustic, traditional and vintage pieces that would complement a minimalistic home.

The 4020 Degree Group presents you several options of chairs. We located at the request of the client and this allowed him to personalize his chairs with his own prints, motifs, colors, etc. He also wanted them to have a timeless look. Everything had to be response to the specific user’s needs. That’s why this chair was designed as a space where you could feel comfortable while reading, resting or watching a movie.

Classic Chair Designs From The 4020 Degree Group Photo 2

The design is very versatile and it would look equally beautiful in a modern or even in a more traditional home. The cabinetry is made of solid oak and it has a beautiful natural finish that contrasts with the tones of the other materials. It has a certain appeal that makes it perfect for reading corners. It comes with cushions of 3 sizes and the materials differ as well.

Classic Chair Designs From The 4020 Degree Group Photo 5