The Daisuke Motogi lighting system offers a modern lighting solution for those looking for a night stand that has character. In order to make it all you need is a vase, a pencil, a tape measure, a ceiling tool and a few round brackets. First you choose the vase, then you choose the pencil, then you measure for the marks and then you mark the spaces for the brackets using the pencil. In each case you need a length of black cording or rope and a square knot.

It’s a very simple but also a very good-looking system. It’s perfect for the bedroom where it’s a n easy way to make it seem like the real thing or for the living room where you could personally use it. It’s also great for the living room as it looks stylish and casual. Daisuke Motogi also designed a more casual version of this lamp. For this model you need a regular vase, some extra white paint and rope.