The chandelier features a modern design, an elegant and yet a small and still simple look. It’s a very stylish detail, the light shines brightly through its black design radiating from the black chandelier that allows you to see through it. The contemporary approach means that the chandelier has a simple design and also no unnecessary details. It’s also a very versatile item that suited the living room, regardless of the style you have or the interior décor.

The chandelier features a modern design, with a simple but elegant shape. It could make a beautiful addition to the living room where you can create a more colorful and artistic décor or to the dining room where it might match with the other items. The chandelier can be bought at the special price of $1,700.00. It comes in two sizes.

The larger version of the chandelier measures 86w 10d 52h. It has two arms that support the crystals and that also serve as support for the light. The arms are the main component and the legs only allow you to maintain a simple and neat look. Possible combinations of color are available.