When a new member of the family comes into a house with slim budget and in immediate need of a bedroom, the first thing that you can do is shed a pampering heart. Usually husbands get full days and weeks of luxury from their wives, and the other side of the coin is getting their very own bathroom.

Everyone knows that young couples have a hard time separating their bathroom from the rest of the house. But ingenious designer from Sugar & Cloth had a brilliant idea that allows the life of a family to be just a few steps away from their bathroom.

By converting this basement spare space into a master bedroom, owners of this home can have total freedom in styling their dreams house, organizing wardrobe, and choosing any media system they want. The result is an astonishingly lighthearted apartment with modern furniture combined with industrial accessories and a master bathroom that is beyond imagination.

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Makeover By Sugar & Cloth Photo 3

Sugar & Cloth×SPC Interior Design

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Makeover By Sugar & Cloth Photo 5