I envy and respect designers very much for their ability to create amazing things that are worth seeing in a living room or in the design world whenever they want to be. Let me give you a very simple example this night: this Scoll collection of light bulbs from Light Design. They are great decorative fixtures and perfect even for the garden where you can create a very relaxing and starry atmosphere.

All the cylinders that make up the chandelier are made of hand blown glass, but the interesting thing about them is the fact that they are empty inside and they have a coloured iridescent outer rim that turns into a beautiful light pattern when the light is turned on. When you turn on the lights the coloured iridescent membranes light up and surround the room in a very interesting image. When you turn off the lights the unwanted light enters and is reflected on the ceiling, casting light shadows on the ceiling and walls.

This lamp is an amazing contemporary home accessory and is perfect both for indoor and outdoor use. The light it diffuses is perfect for illuminating a dark garden, but the real feature of this chandelier is the fact that it is water resistant and also very easy to clean. The chandelier is manufactured in Lyon and is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. If you want to buy the Camera Lamp, you will have to pay $565.