The bathroom is not a particularly large room. It’s not entirely reserved just for the shower and the tub. Even the shower door is small and you can still profit from the design if you want it to look cute and friendly. LED lighting is a great detail because it doesn’t represent a complete system but it gives you the opportunity to add personal touches.

LED accent lights are a great detail because they can illuminate the area where you want the shower door to be and give it a colored look. They have a built-in sensor, perfect for detecting the mist or moisture. They are available in a variety of different colors.

LED lights are also great because they can change color. This way you can change the décor and the ambiance in the bathroom or you can control the amount of light that the door or the lighting fixture should have.LED light fixtures are very common and they give the bathroom a futuristic look. They are available in a variety of forms.

They are usually embedded in a door or wall and they are often positioned behind doors. These lights create a specific atmosphere or they can be purely visual. In some cases, they are embedded in the ceiling.

Hanging LED light fixtures.

There are also light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling and which feature LED bulbs. In these cases, they don’t necessarily illuminate the whole room. LED lights are very colorful and bright, especially during the night. They are ideal for rooms with large windows or glass walls because they can help create a very warm and pleasant atmosphere.

LED under-cabinet lights.

LED under-cabinet lights are also great for the kitchen. Actually, this term is referring to the white LED bulbs which have a special technology that helps them save energy and make them last longer. The bulbs are usually integrated into the ceiling or into a wall. They are a form of mini built-in lighting.

LED desk lights.

LED desk lights are very common and popular in home offices. They are often used as task lighting and they have a series of additional features that make them useful, for example, providing accent lighting when the desk is not used for its intended purpose.

LED accent lights.

And speaking of accent lighting, here are some more examples of LED accent lights. Given the fact that LED bulbs are brighter than halogen bulbs, this makes them perfect for the lower cockpit ceiling.

LED strips used in ceilings.

Here are some other examples of LED accent lighting designed to create a focal point above a ceiling. The built-in LED light fixtures are the perfect design feature to use for ceiling lighting.

LED strips used in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there’s usually a window, a mirror, high ceilings, etc, so it would be smart to opt for LED lights to illuminate the window. This way the mirror will be two to three times brighter than the ceiling and it will also serve as a great design feature for the room.

LED under-lighting.

The under-cabinet lighting is often used to mark certain areas such as the space underneath a shelf or an area preceding a door. Under-cabinet lighting is also a great way of making the room appear more spacious.

LED strips used in gardens.

LED strips used in gardens are quite common and they are often used to mark the entrance or the patio. The length of the strips is often shorter and they are a great option especially for a small backyard or a terrace.

LED bulbs in the attic.

Attic lights are often used to mark the location of the power socket, the switch, etc. In the case of an attic space, the area underneath the ceiling is often an unused space and there’s not enough room for the lights to be there.

LED strips used in rivers.

The nature of the LED strips gives them an interesting appearance, especially in the summer when the sunlight is less abundant. The accent lighting is especially great in the summer when the sun is away.

LED strips installed in trees.

The most wonderful thing about LED strips is that they can be inserted in any where and it’s very easy to make them disappear. They can sit anywhere and they almost always match the rest of the décor.

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