In an attempt to create something unique, designer Sebastián Mundi has come up with a series of industrial-style lighting fixtures named E. A.P. (Earth) Pendant Lamp, T.I. (Tower). These lighting fixtures feature a hardwood body available in two sizes made of solid cast aluminum or painted in a single color.

Each piece is made by hand and each one of them is unique and original. The choice of materials is quite uncommon in this case but this is T.I.P. Pendant Lamp a sort of hybrid between a bookcase and a light fixture. The main idea behind its design was to come up with a series of sustainable models that would last as long as a normal lamp. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your lighting fixtures for a very long time. The series was designed for outdoor use.

T.I.P. Pendant Lamp a series of three similar-looking items that constantly light up, this way allowing the room to be always filled with light, thus eliminating the need for electrical lighting. This is a design that allows you to admire the things from different angles. Available on etsy for $870.