Whether you own a studio apartment or you just want a small space that can be your home away from home for short periods of time, a hanging bed is the perfect choice. It allows you to free up some floor space and, in the same time, it provides a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep. The beds usually come with boxes to give them a sturdy and more secure structure. However, also they are available in a variety of models and shapes.

Made from rattan, wicker or bamboo, the collection offers a multitude of designs and forms. The beds have simple shapes and fine details and the stylish and elegant black frames have a click-to-close mechanism. Also, the beds feature light-colored materials and are perfect for the outdoor areas.

Round Hanging Beds For Outdoor  Spaces Photo 2

Because they are hanging beds they have no need for shades or curtains and they can be completely open or closed. They offer you the opportunity to have a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor sitting area. Moreover, they can be easily folded flat and they help you save energy. Because they come in different sizes the options are limitless. You can choose the one you like best or the one that better fits the décor of your home.

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