The Hitlo teepee is a wonderful little outdoor hut situated on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. This perfect hideaway set across a small ravine and offers a wonderful view over the surrounding landscape, thanks to its sloped roofs. At the same time, it’s a space that can accommodate a multitude of different activities, depending on the occasion.

The teepee was a project by Hands Up with David Houston of Halifax, Canada. It’s built using fire-retardant polypropylene resin panels mounted on plywood studs and hydraulic presses. It occupies a total of 40 square meters and features a small metal roof with exposed sheets stainless steel wires. A removable glass door reveals a small deck with a jacuzzi and a small bathroom adjacent to it.

The interior is simple and cozy, even though it doesn’t have a lot of furniture. It has a small kitchen area, a bathroom, a bathroom and a small bed, provided with its own bathroom. There are a few cool industrial details in the space such as the exposed ceiling beams, the stainless steel and the metal roof.

A staircase offers access to the upper level where the private rooms are situated. The wood creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere and the colors are warm and elegant. The windows are covered with small brass plates.