This is an unconventional mail box design. It’s not the most commonly used type of mailbox and this is something that might bother you. It’s why this is such a unique and original idea. It’s a minimalist mailbox with a strange shape. It has an area of one meter square and it was hand cut and customized by Nakari Evening Home. It features a very interesting geometric pattern with tiny black dots in different shades of blue. These have been strategically placed in key areas for a more pleasant look. For example, there’s a small entrance between the door and the wall, like a small informal entrance.

The shape of the mailbox is also very interesting and interesting. It’s definitely not a conventional design. In fact, the lines are very beautiful and easy to distinguish even before you step inside. Inside there’s a sort of small, quiet log cabin with a cozy and warm atmosphere. It has a simple but beautiful and elegant interior design. Nakari Evening Home does not have a service door. You can only come in through the front door and you have to find yourself sitting in a cozy chair, on the porch or in the car, in a spare moment. It might be a few minutes before you get inside but it’s enough to remind you that this is your home.

Pretty Mail Box Design Photo 3