The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and the one where we go to sleep. It is important to feel relaxed in this room and to allow us to revel in the pleasures of sleep such as quiet moments, good music and good food. For these some of us are especially the luckiest, as they spend a lot of time in bed and snuggle right in.

However, a round bed is a very good choice for those of you who are a mixture of everything we loved when we were little and maybe also a small teen. Of course, the best choice is the one that fits best the person’s body.

The collection of round beds designed by Nendo was especially chosen in those cases when the objective is to impress the customer or to create a unique design that will definitely amaze and satisfy the eye. As you can see from the pictures, the beds are very well positioned and the shape of the bed makes is look very modern and grand. In fact, the whole design of the hotel seems like a large bathtub with a modern washbasin.

Round Bedroom Sets By Nendo Photo 3

Round Bedroom Sets By Nendo Photo 4