If you’re bored of seeing the same shades of colour come together and still you feel the need to add a touch of some colour here and there, then you are not alone. Let’s take the example of a very simple, traditional Scandinavian bedroom. The colours are limited but the pattern is almost omnitude and the entire room is kept calm and serene. At the same time, the room looks very clean and organized, with a sober and elegant design.

The Scandinavian influence is very easy to detect. One of the most important factors is the use of white as a main colour. It helps create a cold atmosphere and it also allows the white pieces to contrast and complete the minimalist décor. The rest of the colours are complimentary and are limited and are usually grey. There’s also a strong wood influence that is usually given by the hide, which is a low and sleek colour. It makes the whole room look warm and welcoming.

The last colours are the accent colours, mostly black or grey. The rest of the shades are white, which gives the room a serene and calm atmosphere. It’s a very simple room, there are no elaborate decorations, the only elements that are present are the big black pieces of artwork. The overall image is very straight and clean. You can sense the profile of the piece of furniture and all its dimensions, and this is extremely important because it can help you decide on the dimensions of the piece of furniture.{found on Stadshem}