This bedroom used to be an old bedroom. It’s actually quite sad. Nevertheless, the transformation didn’t take too much time. Most of the furniture had to be replaced. Also, the walls have been replaced with new flooring. Now the room is airy and bright. The color palette has been kept the same but the decorations have also been changed. You’ll still have some of the original elements but you’ll be able to make this room seem new and to also satisfy the home owner’s desire for a more modern lifestyle.

The bedroom is located in the highest area of the apartment. It’s the bedroom of the two children and it’s like a rescue room. Originally, the bedroom includes a dressing room and utility room. The children’s bedroom includes two bathrooms and it’s currently a master bedroom. One of the rooms was decorated by the owner’s parents while the other room is the space of the old children’s bedrooms that never got a master bedroom. There’s also a third bedroom in the apartment.

Since the room didn’t have any furniture, it basically had to be rebuilt from scratch. It got a new bed and it sits in the corner of the room where it can be cozy and private. The new bathroom is almost entirely new with new tiles, new light fixtures and a shower unit. On the upper floor there’s a roof terrace from where people can admire the beautiful city views. There’s also a guest room, a bedroom and a dressing room. The kitchen has been renovated. The appliances are new and the furniture is vintage. Some of the decorations from the room have been DIY’s.