Every once in a while we come across a project that requires a whole different approach. Interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet selected a particular color and thought of a challenge. He had to create a colorful, inviting and pleasant kitchen using new and fresh colors. As a result, his creation is a mixture of past, present and future.

The result was a contemporary kitchen with a color palette dominated by shades of pink and green. The kitchen is mostly white with touches of various colors here and there. In there the photographer Nico van der Meulen was used as a source of inspiration. The kitchen is not only very beautiful and stylish but also very functional. It features modern amenities and it has an overall western approach that makes it very pleasant.

It’s nice how all the colors, textures and finishes combine and form a harmonious composition.In general, the interior combines small pink accents with tones of natural wood and the combinations are always carefully and skillfully combined. The way the colors were combined and the way they interact with the tones is always beautiful and surprising. This is a good example showing what a good interior design knows how to do and how to be practical.