Purple is the color of royalty, palaces, fortunes and fortunes. It’s been prettied so that it can fit into any room. It whispers secrets long hidden secrets and whispers that only you can see with your own two eyes. Its color is very well suited for children’s rooms because of all the jewels included. The bench is the perfect decoration for just about any room of the house, even a kid’s room. It’s not very small but not very big either, so if you’re worried about having enough space for it, the design is very simple and only has some really long benches that can be used both as intended and as independent activities.

The name of this collection is Neometro and it has been presented at the Wuroskiwaisan 2018 International Furniture Fair in Finland. It’s a very eclectic furniture collection with a very strong artistic focus. There’s not much to say about the colors and the way the details are combined. However, the overall look is very beautiful and the artistic touch is very visible.

Purple Furniture Is By Perree Maggi – Neometro Photo 3