Most wine bottle DIYs involve some inventive ways of styling. Waxing and varfing is an easy choice, as long as the bottles are clear and there is no worry of cartoons becoming etched in the walls. Another easy choice that has a great impact is pouring the wine bottles in a vase or in a planter. You can’t wait to get started! Take a look at the 15 DIY wine bottle ideas that will keep you busy for just a few minutes…

Wine Bottle Centrepiece

Ah, the temptation of trying to mimic the cork leaf image – this is probably the most obvious way to add a striking piece of art to your home but there’s an easy way to buy one if you don’t have time to research the above mentioned factors! This DIY Wine Bottle Planter is so easy and you can apply it to any bottle. As a bonus, it’s a great project that you can try to mimic using existing pots rather than using a bottle.

Image: Ben Braswell Photography – via

Wine Bottle Ideas – Always The Best And Most Inspiring Way Of Displaying Them! Photo 4

Once you’ve selected the painting colour you’re ready to mix up more details. You can create a striking vignette using one or two paintings so get creative with the way you mix and match the surrounding artwork!

Wine Bottle Ideas – Always The Best And Most Inspiring Way Of Displaying Them! Photo 5

Wine Bottle Flower Vase

This vase definitely won’t pass unnoticed thanks to its vibrant colours. This DIY Wine Bottle Flower Vase was created by adding a flower bouquet to a standard glass vase and giving it a spritzing makeover with the use of spray paint, presto pad and a brush.

Image: Ben Braswell Photography – via

Image: Audrey Clary Interiors – via

Once you’ve finished arranging the flower vase, it’s time to enjoy the bloom! You can make it as long or as short as you wish, depending on how large of a vase you want it to be. Try to work out the kraft paper butterflies to you painting the paper flowers so you can get a flowing arrangement. Have fun and enjoy!